Tube Patch

The Latest in Patching Technology

Tube Patch has been specially designed to be a simple, fast and effective Patching System. Tube Patch brings together an Innovative packer, pre-packed Supercil™ resin and a strong, stretchable, glass fibre liner. Unlike traditional patching systems, Tube Patch material is supplied in tubular form rather than a flat sheet that needs folding and wrapping around the packer. Tube Patch is simple, less prone to error and produces a high-quality final product.

Tube Patch represents a step-change in patching technology. 

Supercil™ Resin

Supercil resin is the latest in Silicate resin technology.
Supercil resin is:

Fast curing (20 minute working time and 20 minute curing time)

Insensitive to Ambient Temperature meaning one resin for all seasons

Pre-packaged which means less wastage, no mess and elimination of mixing errors

Thixotropic – for easier impregnation.

Tube Patch Packers

Tube Patch packers are simple, contain flow through that allow the sewer to operate during installation and provide an excellent final product.

Tube Patch packers use an innovative rubber design* that allows controlled and staged inflation as well as providing firm pressure on the liner that promotes excellent adhesion.

Available in standard 1 or 2 metre lengths. Longer packers available on request.

*Patent Pending

Tube Patch Liners

Tube Patch liners are made from a woven glass fiber material. This innovative material provides the dual feature of being both very strong (E Modulus > 400,000psi) and highly stretchable (>50% diameter change). This means that Tube Patch patches are both strongly adhered and well as being structurally sound in their own right.