Spiraline T

The Latest in Spiral Lining Technology

Spiraline pipe lining technology is the latest and most advanced spiral lining technology in the trenchless industry. Distributed by ijtech USA, Spiraline has all the benefits of traditional spiral products with a range of innovations that make the system faster, easier and safer. Spiraline not only provides a client with a strong long-lasting u-PVC liner, but also allows the installer to tackle large diameter jobs without complex and expensive bypassing and without the risks that accompany installations with other technologies.


Spiraline T

Designed for 36″ to 80″ pipes, Spiraline T travels through the host pipe and makes a structural u-PVC liner progressively. Spiraline T is fast, safe, can operate without bypassing and is a low risk, low impact solution for lining large diameter pipes.

The system can be powered hydraulically or electrically and can be controlled and operated above ground meaning there is minimal or no people entry requirements.

Spiraline T liners are grouted into place meaning they are strong with loadbearing capacities many times greater that traditional lining systems in this size range.  Spiraline T grouts are designed by ijtech  Pty Ltd and can be supplied to be corrosion resistant in their own right if needed.

For fast, safe, cost effective and low risk lining of large diameter sewers Spiraline T will change what you thought was possible.



Spiraline lining technologies offer the following key benefits to Installers and Asset owners.

InstallersAsset Owners
Low Capital CostStrong Final Product
Low Material CostSafe Installation
Fast InstallationLow Community Impact
No BypassLow Environmental Impact
Low Risk InstallationExcellent Value