The Next Generation in Lateral Sealing Technology

Latseal has been specially designed to be a simple, fast and effective Lateral Sealing System. Latseal brings together an Innovative packer*, pre-packed Supercil™ resin and a strong, stretchable, glass fibre Liner. A Latseal installation can take place in under 45 minutes. The process is simple and the equipment package is low cost.

Latseal represents a step-change in lateral sealing technology.


Supercil™ Resin

Supercil resin is the latest in Silicate resin technology. Supercil™ resin is:

  • Fast curing (20 minute working time and 20 minute curing time)
  • Insensitive to Ambient Temperature meaning one resin for all seasons
  • Pre-package which means less wastage, no mess and elimination of mixing errors
  • Thixotropic – for easier impregnation.


    Latseal Packers

    The innovative packers have been designed for smooth entry into the lateral with a minimum of pushing/pulling force. The controlled bending mechanism* inside the lateral arm allows for reliable insertion and withdrawal from the lateral.

    Latseal packers use an innovative rubber design* that allows controlled and staged inflation as well as providing firm pressure on the liner that promotes excellent adhesion.

    *Patent Pending

Latseal Liners

Latseal liners are made from a woven glass fibre material. This innovative material provides the dual feature of being both very strong (E Modulus > 400,000 psi) and highly stretchable (>50% diameter change). This means that Latseal seals are both strongly adhered as well as being structurally sound in their own right.